Tania Plahay

Tania is a passionate Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher who aims to bring the wider practices of yoga to a wider audience.

The idea for Yoga for Dementia first came to Tania when she was volunteering and doing Karma Yoga in her local nursing home. Tania had been practicing yoga since her late teens and yoga helped her through many of life’s ups and downs.  In particular whilst at university Tania also cared for her father who had a stroke and other health complications. Tania found the grounding practices of yoga particularly useful during this time. In her last year of university Tania’s farther passed away and this taught her valuable lessons about living in the moment.

Tania continued learning and practicing a variety of styles of yoga throughout her 20s and after studying and practicing with some great teachers, she felt a calling to share her knowledge. She took time out to further her knowledge, study and train with a number of schools including Shakti Spirit Yoga, Brahmani Yoga, Satyananda Yoga School, Birthlight, and Vipassana organisations.

In 2010 Tania started teaching community classes in London, she also undertook Karma yoga in her local nursing home by giving simple adapted yoga classes to the residents. The residents, including many who were living with dementia, loved these classes and really benefited from them.  It was here the idea of Yoga for Dementia was born!

Tania is particularly interested in how yoga can help people of all ages and from all walks of life. Tania closely follows scientific and therapeutic developments in yoga.

As well as leading the Yoga for Dementia work Tania teaches Yoga and Meditation in Altea, Spain and runs innovative yoga workshops and retreats in Spain and the UK.

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